Welcome to my studio!

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I create renderings based on existing structures ONLY.
I do NOT work from floor plans or elevations.

Many web pages advertise drawings or watercolors of houses, but merely scan your photo and use a Photoshop™ filter to create a computer generated picture in the “style” of hand made art. Using your photos, I create line drawings, watercolors and oils the old fashioned way:  BY HAND! This gives you the advantage of removing unwanted clutter from your drawing (power lines, cars, trees that obstruct the view), and adding elements to make it more attractive (a dramatic sky, flowers, landscaping, flattering window treatments).
A line drawing or watercolor painting of a house is a perfect and personal gift for anniversaries, birthdays or special occasions. Make new homeownership even more special by giving a housewarming watercolor, or preserve your memories of the old family house that is dear to you in a matted and framed ink line drawing. Realtors and Business Owners find my property illustrations useful for marketing in fliers, brochures, wall displays, and mailers.
Delight your friends and family by sending a card with a drawing or watercolor of your house, summer home or cabin on it, or even a box of cards depicting their house. Use them as invitations for housewarmings, reunions, showers, holiday parties, as birth announcements or moving notices. The original drawing or watercolor makes a memorable and treasured addition to a new household in the form of a closing gift.
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