Bay Area Real Estate Agents:

I have an inventory of over 10,000 drawings of properties in San Francisco and in the nearby Bay Area. I charge the same price for a copy as for a new drawing. You benefit from purchasing a drawing already in my inventory since I can e-mail you a scan of it within several hours, and mail you a hard copy on the same business day. My clientele enjoy the convenience of this process.

My entire inventory list is available online. Please click here to see if I have the property illustration that you need drawn in my files already.

If the property you need illustrated is in the city of San Francisco and is NOT in my inventory, you may choose the “order by phone” option on the next page, and my studio will photograph the property for you. If you order a watercolor, the studio will also do a color match. If you prefer to supply your own photos or JPEGs, feel free to order online or by mail instead.

If there have been significant changes in the structure of the property in my inventory e.g. remodeling, landscaping, etc. and you inform me of this, I will re-photograph and redraw the property, and get you the finished product according to regular deadlines.

Generally speaking, I do not do drawings of interiors or views of the city.

If you've thoroughly read this and preceding page, please click here to order.