Photo Pointers

The illustration that I create can only be as detailed as the photos that you send. They should be in accurate color, and of high quality if possible. E-mailing me high resolution photos taken with a digital camera will provide me with the best material with which to work. Photograph the house when it is in sunlight, with no deep shadows. If I can’t see it, I can’t draw or paint it.

You can NEVER send too many photos!

If you have existing photos of the house you wish me to draw, but can’t take the shots I describe below, for example if the property is too far away, no longer exists, etc. please send or e-mail the photos that you do have, but remember, I can only draw what I can see. You'll have to describe what I can’t see, so I know what to draw.


Full Shots:

Detail Shots:

Hidden Shots

Please situate both your HIDDEN SHOTS and DETAIL SHOTS in the frame in such a way that I can tell where they are in respect to the rest of the house. E.g. If you have trees blocking several sets of windows, and take hidden shots at a tight angle between the trees and the house, be sure that I can tell which set of windows is in the photo.
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