Clay Seibert Photography

For over twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of local real estate agents, helping them visualize and develop different marketing approaches for their real estate listings. The drawing and painting skills that I have honed over decades of experience as a professional artist naturally lend themselves to producing quality photographs.

My approach to good pictures starts with hand-held flash equipment and a high-quality digital camera. My goal is a pleasing composition shot at an optimal angle to showcase every home in its best light.

From there, the magic is in the processing, the bulk of which is done in PhotoShop. This marriage of pen and pixel allows me much greater freedom to correct, enhance and balance the color and tone of each image. Working with photos digitally, also allows me to solve problems that a regular photographer can't:

• Need to add some flowers or greenery to liven things up?
• Need to clean up some clutter or adjust a faulty staging?
• Need to compensate for less than optimal natural lighting?
• Need to make some minor repairs to flooring, a paint-job or uncompleted construction?

No problem.

Bottom line:

My shoots last about one hour. Within 24 hours, I will give you up to 14 high resolution images for $250, up to 28 high resolution images for $275 or over 28 high resolution images for $300. All weekend shoots start at $300. If you're looking for art quality photographs without the three hour photo shoot and a photographer who is glad to work with you, please give me a call to schedule your shoot now.

Please click the thumbnails below
to see some of my photographic work at screen resolution.

Neighborhood Shots

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