Before you order…

…please take the few minutes you will need to read carefully through this page. I would like the ordering process to run as smoothly as possible, and I would like you to be thrilled with your purchase. If you follow the instructions on this page and on the Photo Pointers page, you will increase the chances of both. Thanks!

“My Techniques”

In my drawings and watercolors, I stylize the landscape, windows and architecture. I frame the structure to best advantage for viewing in the illustration. I use a variety of watercolor techniques, including color gradations and subtle reflective light, bringing in an element of reality that brightens the subject matter and makes it more appealing. Generally speaking, I will paint the house as it appears in your photos (unless you specify changes), and will toy with its surroundings to beautify it as I see fit.

I always feature the house over the landscaping. Though I try to draw or paint the plant life accurately from your photos, I will remove or alter trees or bushes (adjust their height, size or placement) to make the features of the house more visible unless you specify otherwise. If the landscaping is plain, I may also put in flower beds, potted plants, etc. if I think it would spruce it up. I don’t draw in cars, people, animals, wires, drainpipes, air vents, antennas, fire escapes, for sale signs, etc.

“Your Specifications”

It is IMPERATIVE that you let me know of any requests regarding the look and content of your drawing or watercolor when you order. Your requests must be SPECIFIC. I can fulfill your needs with ease as long as I know what they are BEFORE your project is underway on my drawing table. I will respond to you if necessary before beginning your project.
Illustrations of larger/more elaborate buildings may cost slightly more. If this is the case, I will contact you to verify before I begin work on your drawing or watercolor.

I do NOT do illustrations from blueprints.
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I will consider your order “received” if I get it by 5 p.m. Pacific Time on any given business day. If regular deadlines are in effect, I will do my best to complete your project within these guidelines:

Ink Line Drawings - minimum 3 business days
Watercolors - minimum 7 business days
Oil Paintings - minimum 21 business days

Please check the FAQ page for any changes to regular deadlines. Heavy business volume may lengthen them, and family issues may keep me away from the studio periodically.

If it is NOT important that you receive the drawing within my regular deadline (“Mom’s birthday isn’t till the month after next”, “We aren’t moving till May,” “I won’t start advertising that property for two weeks,” etc.) please let me know along with your other requests. It will help my studio run more smoothly. Thanks!

Copyright Issues

You are welcome to use and reproduce any illustration that you purchase whether for flyers, advertising, brochures, web sites, etc., but I retain the copyright and a copy of the original for my use as well. Your purchase of a of drawing or watercolor from me is for your own use. Any use by a third party for their profit, monetary or otherwise, is illegal as well as unethical.

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