Order by Phone

To place a Phone Order, please have the following information ready and call the Studio number:
You will be prompted to supply:
  1. Your name, phone number and mailing address
  2. Your e-mail address, and any additional e-mail addresses (e.g. marketing dept.) to which you'd like the scan sent. If you do not specify otherwise, I will send a scanned picture of your illustration as a TIFF at 50% and 150 dpi. Tell me If you need a different format (JPEG, etc,), size or resolution.
  3. The street address and the cross street of the property you wish photographed and drawn. It is important that you tell me, when you place your order, if you will be supplying me with photos of the property by e-mail. If not, I will draw a 8.5x11 inch line drawing based on the photos I take myself. Please note that according to the new pricing system the cost of your drawing will be reduced if I use your photos.
  4. Any special treatments for you would like for the illustration, for example those described in “Your Specifications”.
If you have previously purchased illustrations and I have your address and credit card information on file, you only need to call the Studio and leave your name, any changes to your mail or billing information, and the information in items 4 and 5 above. Your order will be completed according to my regular deadlines.

Thank you for trying
Clay Seibert Rendering and Fine Art